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Dr. Devnath Dhirhe

Assistant Professor
Department of Applied Physics
Defence Institute of Advanced Technology

Research Domain

Research Domain

  • MiD-IR and THz Quantum Cascade Laser

  • Quantum Dot Lasers

  • Integrated Optics and Si-Photonics

  • Integrated Polarization Manipulation

  • Ring Lasers

  • Fiber Laser/Low Noise Fiber Amplifier

  • High Speed Free-Space Optical Communication 

  • Telecommunication 1550 nm Semiconductor Laser

Sponsored Projects

  • Electrically Tuneable Quantum Cascade Laser, Funded by: LASTEC-DRDO, Sanction Amount:2.96Cr, Tenure: 3 Years (From May 2020)

  • Design and Development of THz Quantum Cascade Laser, Funded by: SSPL-DRDO, Sanction Amount:4.7 Cr, Tenure: 3 Years (From March 2021)

Sponsored Projects

Research Facilities Developed

  • Mid-IR and THz Quantum Cascade Laser Characterization/ Spectroscopy Laboratory

  • IR Laser (Telecommunication wavelength) Characterization Laboratory

  • Fiber Laser and Fiber Optics Sensor Laboratory

  • Tunable OPO based Spectroscopic facility

  • Class 10000 cleanroom facility for all above laboratory

  • 1.3 kW CO2 Laser Laboratory

  • Nd:YAG Laser laboratory (Proposed)

Research Facilities Developed

Teaching & Professional Experience

  • 20/08/2014 – Till date                                                     

     Assistant Professor, Department of Applied Physics,                  

     Defence Institute of Advanced Technology, Pune, India

  • 13/09/2002 – 15/10/2013

     Assistant Professor, Kamla Nehru College, Korba, Chhattisgarh, India

  • 07/08/2008 - 20/03/2009

     Senior Research Fellow (Department of Science and Technology,             Government of India, New Delhi, project), Indian School of Mines,             Dhanbad, India (PI Prof. V. Kumar)

  • 01/09/1999 - 31/03/2001

     Assistant Professor, Govt. College, Korba, Chhattisgarh, India

Teaching & Professional Experience

Technical Skills


  • Nextnano3 Simulation Tool for Quantum Heterostructures and Quantum Devices

  • Lumerical and RSoft for Device Modelling

  • Tanner EDA L-edit for Device Fabrication Process and VLSI Fabrication

  • Matlab for Device Numerical Modelling 

  • Mathmatica for Device Modelling

  • OrCAD for Electronics Circuit and PCB Design

Major Equipment’s: Hand on Experience

  • Fourier Transform Infra-red Spectroscopy (FTIR): Burker Vertex 70 

  • Boxcar and Cascade Technologies Laser Driver

  • Oxford Instrument Cryogenic Cooling system

  • Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM)

  • Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM)

  • Daktak Surface Profiler

  • Electron Beam Metal Evaporator

  • Sputter Coater (Gold)

  • Electroplating Kit

  • Oxygen Barrel Asher -Gala

  • Photolithography (MA6/BA6)

  • E-beam Lithography

  • RIE 80 Plus and III-V RIE system 100

  • Cleanroom Technology 

  • General Chemical Processing for semiconductor laser

Technical Skills

Award & Fellowship

  • National Oversees Scholarship: Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment, Govt. of India, New Delhi

  • Post-graduate Travel Grant:  University of Glasgow, Glasgow to attend conference at California, USA (2012)

  • Post-graduate Travel Grant: University of Glasgow, Glasgow to attend conference at Vienna, Austria (2012)

Award & Fellowship

Membership of Professional Bodies/Organizations

  • APS (American Physical Society)

  • IOP (Institute of Physics)

  • IEEE,  IEEE Photonics Society and IEEE Communication Society

  • OSA (Optical Society of America)

  • OSI( Optical Society of India)

Membership of Professional Bodies/Organizations
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